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P-16 Data Resources

P-16 Summit June 2007 Data

Below are links to reports, spreadsheets and other web sites that contain information relating to P-16 alignment and higher education issues. The data reflect the most recent information available at the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board or other agencies as applicable. This list is not exhaustive. However, the information provided can help inform the dialogue regarding the value and importance of educational attainment in Texas.

  • Texas Higher Education Data Resources List
  • Academic Excellence Indicator System (AEIS)
  • FY1995 7th Grade Cohort Tracked Through FY2006 Higher Education
  • High School Graduates Enrolled in Texas Higher Education
  • Annual Texas Success Initiative Report of Student Performance
  • Community and Technical College Student Migration Report
  • Student Retention Rates for First-Time, Degree-Seeking Undergraduates taking at least 12 SCH at Universities: Region Data
  • High School Students Who Completed Bachelor's Degrees within Six Years of Graduation, FY1997-2000
  • Cover Sheet
  • Regional Summaries (4 worksheets)
  • ISD Detail (2 worksheets)
  • Regional Plan for Texas Higher Education