Texas Higher Education Data

Data Overviews

Resources providing overviews for statewide data and topics of interest.

Building a Talent Strong Texas

A refreshed strategic plan for Texas for 2022-2030 expands on the successes and progress of our previous plan, 60x30TX, by widening the lens for higher education.

60x30TX Progress Report

Each year, the THECB provides an update on how the state is progressing toward the goals and targets of the 60x30TX higher education plan.

Data Resources Overview

Overview of the data resources available from the Texas Higher Education Coordination Board.

Degrees and Enrollment - Statewide

Five years of statewide enrollment data and degrees awarded are provided by institution type.

Topic Overviews

Overviews provide descriptions of relevant subject areas and present general information and main points in a concise format.

Higher Ed Almanac

A profile of state and institutional performance and characteristics for Texas public postsecondary institutions. Profiles are created using data and metrics collected by the THECB on pre-college and higher education students.