Texas Higher Education Data


Institution and statewide data and reports relating to higher education enrollment in Texas.

Applicants, Acceptance, and Enrollment

The Texas First-Time Undergraduate Applicant, Acceptance, and Enrollment Information summarizes the number of applications filed, acceptances/offers given, and actual enrollment for Texas public universities.

Developmental Ed Data (TSI)

Developmental Education Accountability Measures Data reports are provided for Texas public 2-year and 4-year institutions by cohort.

Distance Ed Data

Distance education data reports include detailed and summary information about student enrollments and semester credit hours (SCH) attempted at Texas public higher education institutions by course location and mode of instruction.

Enrollment Forecast

Biennially since 1979, the THECB has calculated enrollment trends and expectations, which are fundamental to higher education planning.

Student Migration Report

The Student Migration Report compares fall enrollment in public community, state and technical colleges of Texas to the following year fall enrollment for each institution.

Texas Higher Ed Enrollments

Report comparing the four most recent years of fall enrollments for Texas higher education institutions reporting data to the THECB.