Texas Higher Education Data

Completions and Outcomes

Institution and statewide data and reports relating to higher education completions and student outcomes in Texas.

Graduation Rates

Graduation rate reports provide a summary of statistics for Texas public universities and public two-year colleges, including statewide data for each sector.

Timely Graduation Reports

Timely graduation data reports provide time-to-degree information by program, semester credit hours attempted, and semester for Texas public universities.

Annual Licensure Report

The Annual Licensure Report provides licensure and certification examination results for approved technical associate degree and certificate programs leading to professions requiring licensure or certification.

Student Follow-Up

The Automated Student and Adult Learner Follow-Up System (ASALFS) tracks graduates, completers and non-returners from an academic year for employment and/or additional education. ASALFS results are provided for Texas public community, state and technical colleges. Exit cohort reports provide additional information for Texas 2-year and 4-year institutions.

Transfer Students' Success

The report reflects the performance of community college students in the first year after they transferred to a 4-year institution, including the persistence in the second year of study.

SB 25 Report on Non-Transferable Credit

Senate Bill 25 Report on Non-Transferable Credit and Courses Taken at Public Two-Year Colleges.