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ASALFS Students Pursuing Additional Education

Students Pursuing Additional Education is another report from the Automated Student and Adult Learner Follow-Up System (ASALFS). This report tracks students (graduates, completers and non-returners) who were enrolled in a Texas public community, state or technical college during a given academic year and were enrolled in a Texas public institution the following fall. It lists aggregate numbers of students by academic, techinical, tech-prep or continuing education (CEU graduates only) next to the college or university they attended in the fall. This report shows where an institution's students are transferring, and may be useful as an aid in planning, institutional effectiveness and other management processes. Please note that if an institution is listed as a transfer location on its own report, the student count represents graduates or completers who have returned to pursue additional education at the same institution.

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Students Pursuing Additional Education - Statewide Summary

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