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The Texas Higher Education Data (THED) website is Texas' primary source for statistics on higher education. You are currently viewing the classic view of the THED website, where resources can be accessed by topic or audience categories. The redesigned website can be seen at THED Home (Redesign).

Overview (Quick Links)

  1. 60x30TX.com
  2. 60x30TX Higher Ed Plan
  3. 60x30TX Progress Report
  4. College Locator Map
  5. Data Insight Briefs
  6. Data Resources Overview
  7. Degrees and Enrollment - Statewide
  8. Higher Ed Almanac
  9. List of Institutions
  10. THECB Report Search
  11. Topic Overviews
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External Data Resources

  1. College for all Texans
  2. Generation Texas (GenTX)
  3. Texas Public Education Information Resource (TPEIR)
  4. More...

Online Applications

  1. Accountability System
  2. Accountability Legacy (2000-2015)
  3. Course and Program Inventories
  4. Degree Program Search
  5. Interactive Data
  6. Online Institutional Resumes
  7. Perkins Data Resources
  8. Profile Reports (PREP) (1988-2015)
  9. Regional Portal
  10. More...


  1. Aligning Workforce Needs and Education
  2. Exit Cohort Reports
  3. Texas Consumer Resource for Education and Workforce Statistics (Texas CREWS)
  4. More...

Higher Education Topics


  1. Applicants/Acceptance/Enrollment
  2. Developmental Ed Data (TSI)
  3. Distance Ed Data
  4. Enrollment Forecast
  5. Student Migration Report
  6. Texas Higher Ed Enrollments
  7. More...


  1. Annual Licensure Report
  2. Graduation Rates
  3. Student Follow-Up
  4. Transfer Students' Success
  5. More...


  1. Data Resources for LBB Measures
  2. Funding & Facilities
  3. Research Expenditures
  4. More...