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Baccalaureate/Associate’s Graduation Rates

FY 2010 Baccalaureate Graduates by Texas Public Institution

The graduation rate reports provide a one-page summary of statistics for each of the 38 public universities or the 79 Texas public two-year colleges. The last page of each report is an aggregate statewide analysis. All reports track a cohort of first-time students entering in the fall semester of the year identified who enrolled in at least 12 semester credit hours for at least their first semester. The students originally enrolled at either a public university or two-year college (CTC) and are tracked throughout Texas public higher education for six or 10 years. Student enrollment with independent institutions, public or independent health-related institutions, and career colleges are not included.

Baccalaureate's/Associate's Graduation Rates
Baccalaureate Graduation Rate Reports track a student cohort (by ethnicity) for either six or 10 years, beginning at either a public university or two-year college for the fall (year) specified. Reports for students originally enrolled in a public university indicate cohort members having completed a Baccalaureate (at the same or different institution from first enrolled), remained enrolled but no degree after the specified time, or who were no longer enrolled after the specified time. Two-year college reports are similar, reporting Baccalaureate recipients, transfers to senior institutions, associate degree graduates who did not transfer to a senior institution, and those students enrolled in a two-year institution but without a degree within the specified time.

Universities - 6Yr Rate (Entering in the Fall)

2007   2006   2005
2004   2004 Full-Time and Part-Time
2003   2002   2001   2000   1999   1998
1997   1996   1995   1994   1993   1992
1991   1990   1989   1988   1987

Universities - 10Yr Rate (Entering in the Fall)

Community and Technical Colleges - 6Yr Rate (Entering in the Fall)

1997   1996

Community and Technical Colleges - 10Yr Rate (Entering in the Fall)


Years to Graduate
Identifies the number of degree recipients (associate’s or Baccalaureate) within a cohort by the number of years it took to earn the degree (from fall to fall) for the specified time (six or 10 years).

BA in 6 Years Starting at a Community or Technical College

1997   1996

AA in 6 Years Starting at a Community or Technical College

1997   1996

BA in 10 Years Starting at a Community or Technical College