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Institutional mission statements

Excellence - Key Measures

Faculty Teaching

  Fall 2000 Fall 2012 Fall 2013 Point Change
Fall 2000 to
Fall 2013
33. Tenured/tenure-track faculty teaching lower-division SCH 47.4% 43.7% 41.9% - 5.5

The University places great emphasis on the teaching delivered to undergraduate students. Since 1996, the University has made effective use of faculty resources to meet the University's teaching mission by increasing the percent of undergraduate courses (and hence SCH) taught by tenured and tenure-track faculty. The goal is to have at least 60% of all undergraduate courses (both lower and upper division) taught by tenured and tenure track faculty. While the lower-division SCH taught by these faculty has remained constant in recent years, there is continued emphasis to achieve this goal while simultaneously decreasing the student/faculty ratio.

Student/Faculty Ratio

34. Full-time student equivalents (FTSE) divided by full-time equivalent (FTE) faculty.

  Fall 2000 Fall 2012 Fall 2013 % Change
Fall 2000 to
Fall 2013
FTSE/FTFE Ratio 42,901 2,010 21:1 46,925 2,427 19:1 46,817 2,454 19:1 - 10.4% 

State and National Exams Success

35. Certification and licensure rates

  FY 2000 FY 2013 FY 2014 Point Change
FY 2011 to
FY 2014
Law 93.4% 93.3% 93.3% - 0.1
Pharmacy 98.2% 99.2% 97.7% - 1.5
Nursing 96.0% 91.8% 94.3% 2.4
Engineering 93.8% 91.3% 93.4% 5.6

Success in state and national exams are key indicators of the University meeting its obligations to its students. While the pass rate of the professional examinations in Law, Pharmacy, Nursing, and Engineering are excellent compared to peer institutions, the institution strives to keep these rates above 90% and to improve the rates to points above 95% wherever possible.

Tenured/Tenure-Track FTE Faculty

Out-Of-State Peers   Fall 2000 Fall 2012 Fall 2013 Point Change
Fall 2000 to
Fall 2013
36. Percent of FTE teaching faculty who are tenured/tenure-track 74.0% 71.3% 70.1% - 3.9

UT Austin remains committed to providing full-time permanent faculty support for an excellent educational experience at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Other teaching faculty include Lecturers, Specialists, Visiting, Adjunct, Clinical, and Research instructors. These faculty also provide important contributions to the educational experience of our students. They typically bring alternative academic or professional experience to the classroom, which often provides valuable perspectives that enriches the educational experiences in significant ways.

Quality Enhancement Plan

37. Quality Enhancement Plan, Including Reaffirmation Year

UT Austin’s 2008-2014 Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) focused on innovative course offerings to students. The Signature Courses Program was developed to strengthen the University’s core curriculum and establish a shared intellectual experience for students. Signature Courses rely on distinguished faculty members who draw from interdisciplinary perspectives to introduce undergraduates to rigorous academic discussion and analysis of contemporary, real-world importance.
As part of the University’s 2008 accreditation process, this QEP was implemented and institutionalized over a five-year period. Currently, the Signature Course Program is well integrated into University processes. With its 2014 accreditation interim report, UT Austin has completed the Signature Course QEP project, and accreditors commended the institution for its work, stating that the QEP “was particularly strong in its broad significance and impact on student learning”. The University has begun discussing its next QEP, which will commence in 2018.

Excellent Programs

38. Excellent Programs

Highlighted Excellent Programs 1

UT Austin has many nationally-ranked programs that serve many of Texas’ students. The McCombs School's Department of Accounting is renowned for its innovative teachers and world-renowned researchers, who infuse the curriculum with cutting-edge ideas. Advice from executives on the Department of Accounting Advisory Council adds valuable perspective gleaned from years of working in the field. The McCombs School of Business undergraduate accounting degree program is once again ranked number one by US News & World Report for the seventh year in a row. Additionally, continuing a now 4-year streak, the Department of Accounting swept the Public Accounting Report (PAR) Annual Professors Survey earning No. 1 rankings for our undergraduate, master's and doctoral programs. See https://www.mccombs.utexas.edu/departments/accounting/

Highlighted Excellent Programs 2

The Department of Computer Science (UTCS) is ranked as a top-ten Computer Science department nationally and produces 18% of all CS graduates from national top-tier departments and 20% of Texas CS graduates. The Perryman Group estimates that UTCS is responsible for $8.7 billion a year in regional economic activity. Faculty honors include members of National Academies, 2 Turing Awards, 3 Packard Foundation fellows, and numerous prestigious teaching awards. http://www.cns.utexas.edu/about/departments/computer-science

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